Ted Wheeler for Portland Mayor


Supporters of Measure 91, there is an important mayoral race for the city of Portland that includes many fine candidates. 

I want to strongly urge you to consider casting your vote for Ted Wheeler, an ally of the marijuana law reform movement and someone who understands the importance of the cannabis industry and implementing the will of the voters.

When the Oregon Financial Estimate Committee met to determine the amount of revenue Measure 91 would generate for the state, our campaign became very concerned when the state’s Legislative Revenue Office projected that legalizing marijuana would only bring in about $17 million in new revenue to the state.  One elected official on the committee cooly and calmly considered all of the evidence and wisely advocated that the state project a range of revenue. That official was Ted Wheeler, at the time serving on the committee as our state’s treasurer. 

Ted advocated for a range of  $17 million to $40 million. And as we just saw the state collect about $7 million in the first two months of taxes, the upper end of the range is looking like a pretty good call. 

Ted’s support of sensible cannabis laws didn’t stop with his advocacy of the sound financial impact statement; he went on to vote “YES” on Measure 91 and he joined bold progressive cannabis law reform supporters like Earl Blumenauer and Jeff Merkley and stated that he voted for the measure. Multnomah County Commissioner Jules Bailey, one of Ted’s opponents, voted “NO” on Measure 91, however.

Following the successful passage of Measure 91, Ted Wheeler has understood the importance of following the will of the voters and embracing sound regulations as a prosperous industry for our state. Now that Ted Wheeler is running for mayor of Portland, he has reached out to advocates to learn more and to help ensure that our great city implements regulations that are reasonable and help ensure that mom-and-pops can thrive and that patients and consumers have safe access. 

As Portland’s Mayor, Ted Wheeler will help us develop an industry that will thrive, creating jobs and generating revenue for the city. Please read more about Ted Wheeler on his website at www.tedwheeler.com and consider casting your ballot for a strong ally in the May 17th primary. 

Thank you,

Anthony Johnson
Measure 91 Chief Petitioner

P.S. You can sign up and join Ted’s campaign effort here. 

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