Campaign Update: July 3rd

campaignupdateWashington’s law to regulate marijuana takes effect next week. Meanwhile here in Oregon, people are getting arrested for marijuana every day. Here’s an update on what we’re doing to change that:

  • Last week we turned in more than enough signatures to qualify our measure for the ballot. That means Oregonians in November will decide whether to regulate, legalize and tax marijuana. Should the measure pass into law, Oregon will be the third state, after Washington and Colorado, to fully legalize marijuana use.
  • The New Approach campaign has officially opened its headquarters in northeast Portland.

  • We became the first political campaign in Oregon history to accept bitcoin.
  • We’ve hired a staff that includes some of the most experienced political leaders in the state, including Liz Kaufman, Mark Weiner and Dan Mahr.
  • We’ve released our first campaign video, featuring an 80-year-old retired school teacher who believes we should regulate and legalize marijuana in Oregon in part because it will keep kids safer.
  • We got confirmation from the Oregon State Police that Oregonians are busted for marijuana all the time.  According to state police figures, 12,808 people were arrested or cited for marijuana in 2012, the most recent year that data is available. That’s 35 people a day, or roughly one person every 40 minutes.

Victory will be tough but is within reach: The latest public, independent poll shows that 53 percent of Oregonians support marijuana regulation; opposition is at 38 percent.

Want to help us win? We are just building up our volunteer capacity, and if you want to get involved, here are three things you can do:

1. Donate.

2. Volunteer.

3. Talk to your friends about why it’s time for a new approach to marijuana.

By PETER ZUCKERMAN, Press Secretary, New Approach Oregon