The Smart, Responsible Approach

Treating marijuana use as a crime has failed, here and across the nation.  This country has spent 40 years and more than $1 trillion dollars on the War on Drugs.  These numbers make it clear it’s not succeeding.

It’s time for a smarter and safer approach that will control the use of marijuana, protect children and communities and generate significant revenue for important public needs such as public safety, treatment and education.

This November we will vote on Measure 91 to bring a new approach to marijuana policy in Oregon. The measure will:

Safely regulate marijuana sales and possession at all levels.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission will regulate marijuana similar to the system for alcohol, with even more rules:

  • Allows the OLCC to tightly restrict advertising, including banning advertising in places frequented by youth.
  • Licenses, regulates, audits and inspects cultivation and distribution.
  • Marijuana items may not be imported into this state or exported from Oregon.
  • Bans public use of marijuana and regulates amount that can be purchased.

Legalize use of marijuana for adults 21 and over while protecting youth.

  • Prohibits minors from buying, selling, manufacturing, possessing or consuming marijuana.
  • It remains a felony to sell to minors.
  • Keeps our roads safe by retaining current DUI and driving-while-impaired laws.
  • Helps medical marijuana patients by improving access to safe, secure, reliable, and quality-controlled marijuana.
  • Retains drug-free workplace rules, and allows landlords to prohibit marijuana use on their property.
  • Taxes marijuana to pay for state and local services.

Generate millions in tax revenue in the first two years.


Read the full text of the initiative here