The Signature Drive to Regulate Marijuana in Oregon Begins!


We are very pleased to start gathering signatures to place our measure to sensibly regulate marijuana on this November’s ballot. The harmful consequences of prohibition have gone on for far too long. It is time to implement common-sense regulations instead of leaving marijuana sales to the black market. Currently, revenue is being lost, taxpayer dollars are being wasted and too many lives are being ruined by a policy that, much like alcohol prohibition before it, enriches criminal gangs and black market profiteers.

From The Oregonian:

The campaign manager of an Oregon initiative patterned after Washington state’s 2012 marijuana legalization measure said her group will begin collecting signatures Thursday and expressed confidence about qualifying for the November ballot.

Liz Kaufman, the veteran political consultant running the campaign for New Approach Oregon, said Wednesday that she believes canvassers will be able to quickly collect the needed 87,213 signatures in advance of the July 3 deadline.

“There’s not a lot of explanation involved” in describing the measure to voters, said Kaufman.  “We don’t see a problem in qualifying in plenty of time of time.”

Please join our campaign to end marijuana prohibition. It is time to create jobs, generate revenue and better prioritize our law enforcement resources. Marijuana prohibition doesn’t work. It is time for a new approach.